Teaching Tools

Unit on Culture & Globalization
This unit contains numerous activities for students to explore the spread of American culture throughout the world, including a role-playing exercise on a major U.S.-Canada trade dispute.

Unit on Religion and Globalization
This unit contains readings, discussion questions, and assignments that teach students about the impact of religious belief on perspectives on globalization.

Lesson Plan on Languages in A “Globalized World
In this lesson plan students will examine the role of languages in preserving and shaping cultures. Students will learn how government policy and migration influences culture and languages. Students will compare and contrast policies of language preservation at the state and national level in the United States. Students also will learn about language preservation policies for selected countries. This lesson plan offers variations for language teachers.

Unit Media 1.0 vs. Media 2.0
In this unit, students in cross cultural environments will gain a deeper understanding of the role of media and society and apply this knowledge to current events and how it impacts their lives.Students will watch selected video clips and read articles from the Globalization 101 website. They will analyze the cyclical affects of media and its impact on culture and government.

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