Dr. Susan Aaronson on Trade and Human Rights
Dr. Susan Aaronson on Trade and Human Rights

On February 14, 2008, Dr. Susan Aaronson was interviewed on Ask the Experts. She discussed her new book, Trade Imbalance: The Struggle to Weigh Human Rights Concerns in Trade Policymaking. Dr. Aaronson is a Research Associate Professor at George Washington University.

Video Clip: Why should human rights policy be connected to trade policy?

Video Clip: Are certain human rights more important than others? What role can trade play in balancing different rights?

Video Clip: What trade tools can countries use to address human rights?

Video Clip: In many examples in your book, such as South Africa, the U.S., and Brazil – countries often advocate for other countries to change their human rights abuses/practices – but often do not look into human rights abuses within their own countries. What can be done to remedy this situation?

Video Clip: What are the biggest challenges to the integration of human rights clauses into trade policies (at any level) national/international/multilateral/etc?

Video Clip: Are the specific challenges facing developing countries with the implementation of human rights into trade policymaking?

Video Clip: How can students and ordinary citizens get involved in promoting human rights and trade?

Globalization101.org would like thank David J. Smolar of In Between Things Productions for filming and editing the interview.