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Globalization and Community Colleges

In this series of five lesson plans, students will learn about:
1) General overview of globalization
2) Overview of the economic and political domains as they relate to community colleges
3) a) Community colleges and global learners and b) Globalization and the information/technology dimension
4) Globalization and the cultural domain
5) Globalization and Global Learners
These lesson plans are geared to community college administrators, but can be adapted to other audiences. It is meant to be used in conjuction with the Globalization and Community Colleges syllabus.

Lesson Plan: Globalization Debates

No one can deny that today’s world has unique challenges facing the present and future workforce.  In this introductory lesson to globalization, students will understand the meaning of globalization and how it relates to migration, development, trade, and human rights. Students will watch video interviews on these issues and will participate in a debate or a series of debates on these issues as well.