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Unit on Health & Globalization

This unit contains a series of activities through which students will study how globalization has affected health around the world, learn about international public health officials’ suggested responses to the spread of infectious diseases, and participate in a role-playing exercise about providing inexpensive medications to poor countries.

Lesson Plan on Prescription Drug Prices

In this lesson, students will learn about the issue of prescription drug prices in the United States. They will learn how globalization impacts the available remedies to lower the costs to American consumers. They will learn how various interest groups and international agreements impact the decision-making process and the alternatives available to the U.S. government. The students will participate in a mock U.S. Senate Commerce Committee hearing designed to give students practical experience, while applying their newly researched information.

Lesson Plan on Infectious Diseases and Africa

In this lesson, students will learn about the political, economic, social effects of infectious diseases in Africa. Students will about how globalization relates to health and will participate in a role-playing activity to apply for funding to combat a disease, which is prevalent in Africa.