International Finance Corporation
International Finance Corporation

The IFC was established in 1956 and is now the largest public source of financial investment for private sector projects in developing countries. Unlike the grass-roots development efforts pursued by the IBRD and IDA, IFC investment is often used for projects such as building hotels or power plants, where finance and trade are more heavily involved. IFC provides private sector investment, helps companies acquire additional financing in international markets, and provides technical advice and assistance.

Examples of IFC work include:

  • In Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Turkey, the IFC is helping finance the construction of an oil pipeline to move up to a million barrels of oil per day from Baku, in Central Asia, to Ceyhan, on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast (World Bank, 2003).
  • In Mexico, the IFC is providing funds to construct an integrated medical complex in northern Monterrey, an area that lacks quality health care services despite growing population (Hospitaria, 2012).


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