International Law
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International Law

Unit on International Law and Organizations

In this lesson, students will be introduced to the issues of state sovereignty and governance of international institutions. The first activity introduces the debate between internationalists and the rights of sovereign nations. Students will read an interview with Jeremy Rabkin, one of the most vocal proponents of state sovereignty, and a rebuttal in Foreign Affairs written by Peter Spiro. After becoming familiar with the two sides of the argument, students will role play one of the positions in a mock interview conducted by another member of the class.

Unit on  Darfur

In this lesson students will learn about the conflict in Darfur.  Students will examine how history, geopolitics, oil, international law and organizations, and globalization have contributed to the situation in Darfur. Students will participate in a role-play activity in which they serve on the United Nations Human Rights Council and develop a statement on Darfur.