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Unit on Foreign Investment & Globalization

This unit contains a series of activities in which students will learn about the role of foreign investment in an economy, learn about the differences between foreign direct investment and foreign portfolio investment, and participate in a role-playing activity on government decision-making related to foreign investment policies.

Unit on Foreign Investment and Latin America

The lesson plan is divided into four activities. The introductory discussion provides context and vocabulary for the lesson and Activity 1 provides an application activity for extension of the concepts learned in this lesson. Activity 2 is intended to raise student awareness of the lesson subject, to introduce larger concepts, and to pose challenging questions. Activity 3 tries that the student applies the concept by making decisions from the point of view of a company that wants to choose a country in Latin America for investment purposes.  Activity 4 shows the positive and negative effects that foreign investment could have on the Mexican economy. Mr. Gabriel Leandro, a professor of economics at Universidad Latina de Costa Rica, adapted this lesson plan. His website is