Mexico and NAFTA
The following quotes representa are a variety of perspectives from Mexico on NAFTA.

Quotes from various opponents of NAFTA:
Víctor Quintana wrote in La Jornada (Nov. 26 2002)

  • “For nine years, the United States has launched an offensive of agri-food products against our country in the name of NAFTA…Our defenses have been so weakened that we now depend on imports for 40 percent of the foods we consume…Only one shield is possible: the declaration of an economic and social state of emergency in farming and a three-year moratorium on implementation of the agricultural provisions of NAFTA.”Luis Hernández Navarro in La Jornada (Dec. 3 2002)
  • “The injured from this process have received neither compensation nor the opportunity for retraining…the ranks of the excluded have swelled with the victims of the policy….The uneasiness with free trade…now resounds in all corners of the country.”

Source: Taylor, Robert. “Mexico: NAFTA at 10—Growing Strains.” World Press Review. February 2003: (VOL. 50, No. 2).

  • Small corn and beans farmer from the Southern state of Campeche“What is this “free trade?” Supposedly it’s for everyone, right? But ‘they’ control it and use it for whatever they want.”
  • Mexico City native at January 2008 Rally: “Free Trade Agreements don’t benefit producers, the people that really work. Obviously, the subsidies that the United States has on grains and agriculture can’t compare with the state of abandonment of the Mexican countryside. Clearly we are at a disadvantage.”

Source: Kohlstedt, Katie. “Mexican Campaign Against NAFTA Finds Its Focus.” Foreign Policy in Focus. February 15, 2008.


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