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Readers’ Contributions

This page contains copies of lesson plans and syllabi that our readers have sent us. We have made no editorial changes, and we are posting them here simply to share our readers’ expertise with their colleagues. If you would like your work to be posted here, please e-mail it to us at

Unit on  Globalization and Languages in New York City: A Case Study
This unit examines the role of languages in shaping New York City, which was established and continues to develop in an increasingly globalized world.  Students are invited to consider the importance of the colonial period as the foundation for the city many consider to be the multilingual capital of the world.  This lesson draws upons this original article: Globalization and Languages in New York City: A Case Study

Yasuní Depends on You: Globalization, the Amazon, and Oil

This simulation is intended to illustrate the dynamics of conflict within the multi-layered global governance structure of the world today in which national governments and international governmental and non-governmental organizations, private corporations, and local citizens negotiate for the creation of new international environmental and energy resource policy. However, Ecuador’s situation provides an optic to the difficulties of managing the global environmental commons of the rainforest and the oil-rich profits that come from it – essentially we are confronting the natural resource curse and its paradox. I invite you to explore the roles within this simulation to better understand your own role as both a global and local citizen.

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