Shannon Earle of Conservation International on Protecting the Environment
Shannon Earle of Conservation International on Protecting the Environment

On January 31, 2006 Ms. Shannon Earle, Manage, Conservation Education Program, Conservation International discussed the role of political engagement in protecting the environment. Students from the Washington International School attended the interview.

Video Clip: There are many plants and animals that are facing distinction and biodiversity is decreasing everywhere.How does CI prioritize where to work and which plants or animals to focus on in its campaigns? How does globalization influence these priorities

Video Clip: West Africa. What were some successes and failures?

Video Clip: How do you convince community members in different countries to accept a Conservation International program?

Video Clip: Do you think the global distribution of information made possible by the Internet and other new tools has affected those trying to preserve the environment?

Video Clip: What are the linkages between economic development and environmental conservation? Has CI played a part in any of those issues?

Video Clip: What is the role of the government, business, community members, schools and students in preserving the environment?

Video Clip: Have governments put up barriers to the work done by Conservation International?

Video Clip: How does Conservation International tackle big environmental problems, such as global warming?