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  Massively Multiplayer Online Games and the Video Game Revolution

Over the past 10 years, software developers in the United States, Asia, and Europe have become increasingly interested in tapping into the global video game market. To pursue this objective, developers have been focusing on online games, while localizing their …

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  EU Pushes for Greater Recognition of Geographic Product Names

The European Union (EU) has begun a major push to obtain exclusive rights to some 35 names of wines, spirits and foods that refer to their places of origin, so-called “geographical indications” (GIs). The United States and its trade allies, …

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  Monsoon Wedding Demonstrates Cultural Impact of Globalization on Many Levels

  After winning the Golden Lion award for Best Film at the 2001 Venice Film Festival, “Monsoon Wedding” went on to become a critical and box-office hit in the United States. Written and directed by Mira Nair, an Indian woman …

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