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  Behind the New Burma

A thaw in relations between Burma and the West is underway. U.S. Secretary of State, United Kingdom’s Foreign Secretary and other high level government officials from the West have recently visited this former pariah state. Europe eased travel bans for …

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  A Kim of a Different Il: Possible effects of North Korean Succession

Introduction and History On December 17, 2011, North Korea’s supreme leader, Kim Jong-il, died of a heart attack while on a train outside of Pyongyang.  As a result, his youngest son, Great Successor Kim Jong-un, was left in control of …

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  Cuba Libre: The Liberalization of a Socialist Country

Introduction On November 10, 2011, one of the most significant economic reforms took place in Cuba, the long standing communist country. For the first time in 50 years, Cuban people were allowed to buy and sell property as the country …

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  Bono: The Power of One

On World AIDS Day 2011, television viewers could turn on CNN and watch Bono profusely thank the U.S. for their commitment to ending the AIDS epidemic.  In a New York Times editorial published that day, Bono wrote, “The United States …

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  Going for Broke, Is Italy Next?

A huge government debt, a sluggish economy, and a divided political system are three of the biggest problems facing countries around the world. With a debt of 1.2 trillion Euros, a debt-to-GDP ratio of 120 percent, a government bond rate …

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  You Are One in Seven Billion

Introduction On October 31, 2011, the UN declared that the seven billionth person in the world had been born.  This new population milestone comes just twelve years after the birth of the 6th billionth, Adnan Nevic, on October 12, 1999 in …

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  Solyndra’s Lessons: Challenges of the Global Energy Market

In September 2011, Solyndra, a U.S.-based solar panel manufacturer, declared bankruptcy. The Solyndra case illustrates the complexity of developing renewable energies. Many globalization factors influence the production and distribution of renewable energy, such as economics, politics, science and technology policy, …

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  Armed and Dangerous: The Mexican Drug Wars

Violent outbursts, related to drug sales and distribution, have been a regular occurrence for many years in Mexico, annually taking the lives of thousands. While a passive approach was deemed permissible throughout the 1990’s and partially into the next decade. …

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  The Bolivarization of South America: The Rise of Pan-Americanism

Introduction Recently, the nations within South America have been experiencing what has been referred to as a rise of the “new left.”  As various new regimes come into power, including Ollanta Humala in Peru and Dilma Rousseff in Brazil, the …

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  Case Study: From Revolutions to Elections, the Arab Autumn

This analysis will compare and contrast the unique and shared challenges facing Arab countries as they transition to democracy.

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