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  European Integration and the Proposed EU Constitution in a Globalized World

The foundations of the European Union (EU) lie in the European Coal and Steel Community, established in 1951 among France, Germany, Italy, Luxemburg, Netherlands, and Belgium.1 It was believed that creating such an economic and commercial interdependence between former World …

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  World AIDS Summit Warns of Challenges Ahead

The Fourteenth International Conference on AIDS, held in Barcelona, Spain from July 7-12, 2002, warned that the HIV/AIDS epidemic is the greatest threat to global health today. According to figures released at the summit, 60 million people have been infected …

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  The State and the Future of Georgia: The Effects of War and Power Vacuums on Globalization

While the Georgia crisis has caught the attention of news outlets worldwide, it is clear that Georgia – and its relation with Russia – is not a recent problem but an ongoing one that demands critique and consideration, particularly in …

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