2nd Annual Globalization101.org Users Workshop

On May 18, 2009, The Levin Institute hosted the 2nd Annual Globalization101.org Users Workshop. Feel free to join facebook group or our wikispace page to dialogue with conference participants and to further discuss global education and curriculum internationalization issues.

Please click on the presentation title to view the powerpoint slides.

Global Civilizations: How to frame the broad issues of globalization
Dr. Noemi Giszpenc, Montclair State University
Video of the presentation

Social sciences through a globalized perspective: Creating an international, global curriculum
Dr. Athena Smith, Hillsborough Community College
Video of the presentation

Economic Globalization: The Euro Challenge and the International Economic Summit
George Guild, Director of Economic Education, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston
Video of the presentation

International Student Video Exchanges that spark Cross-Cultural Learning
Jon Rubin, Director, The COIL Center, SUNY Center for Collaborative Online International Learning Purchase College
Video of the presentation

How to engage students through the use of technology products, such as wikis, blogs, and video content
Garrick Utley, President, The Levin Institute
Video of the presentation
(Note: no powerpoint was used in this presentation)

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