Timeline of Media Mega Mergers (2005 – )
Timeline of Media Mega Mergers (2005 – )

Below is a summary of major media mergers and acquisitions that took place from 2005 – onward.

January 2005 , a leader in local exchange, broadband and wireless communications, announces plans to buy for $16 billion.
February 2005 announces an agreement to buy About, Inc., from PRIMEDIA Inc. for $410 million.
February 2005 agrees to buy for $6.7 billion
March 2005 splits into two public companies. One company led by would include the cable networks MTV, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central and Showtime, and entertainment properties.

The second company would control the older assets, including , the Infinity Radio unit and the firm’s billboard business.

April 2005 and reach agreement to buy bankrupt cable operator Adelphia Communications Corp. for $17.6 billion.
April 2005 To extend its market for creating and distributing digital documents ., graphic software developer, purchases Macromedia Inc., multimedia software firm, for $3.4 billion.
July 2005 agrees to buy Intermix Media, Inc., owner of , for $580 million
August 2005 and launch and integrated DSL service.
September 2005 acquires , a digital entertainment and video game company, for $650 million
December 2005 agrees to purchase , an independent film studio, for $1.6 billion. DreamWorks Animation SKG Inc is not included.
January 2006 announces that it will purchase , a successful animation studio whose majority stocks are owned by Apple’s Steve Jobs, for $7.4 billion.
January 2006 is created through the merger of ‘s and . Each company will hold 50% interest in new network
February 2006 buys 22 radio statiions and Radio Networks from for $2.7 billion.
March 2006 buys BellSouth Corp. for $67 billion and has total control of the joint venture, .
March 2006  The McClatchy Co. announces plans to buy for $600 million deal.
March 2006 agrees to purchase 32 Knight Ridder Inc. newspapers for $4.5 billion.
April 2006 announces plans to buy an online games technology company, , for $102 million.
September 2006 Music agrees to buy for $2 billion. Universal’s music publishing holdings are now the largest in the world.
October 2006 buys for $1.65 billion.
December 2007 signs a $500 million contract with that allows Microsoft to license Viacom-owned shows on Xbox Live and MSN.
May 2009 that would become a separate independent company.
November 2009 NBC Universal and are in advanced stages of merger to create a new $30 million conglomerate.
December 2009 buys (parent company for Marvel Comics) for $4.24 billion
 January 2010  Apple acquires Quattro Wireless for $275 million 
 May 2010  Google acquires Admob for $750 million
July 2010  Disney acquires Playdom for $563.2 million 
August 2010  Monster.com buys   Hotjobs.com from Yahoo for $225 million
November 2010  News Corp. acquired 90% of wireless generation for $360 million 
December 2010  Disney Corp. sells Miramax Films to Filmyard Holdings for $663 million 
January 2011  Comcast Corp takes over NBC Universal from General Electric Co. by acquiring a 51 percent stake in NBC. 
February 2011  AOL buys Huffington Post for $315 million. 
March 2011  AT&T agrees to buy T-Mobile for $39 billion 
April 2011  Blockbuster is bought by Dish Network in a bankruptcy auction for $320 million 
May 2011  Microsoft buys Skype for $8.5 billion, the largest acquisition thus far in Microsoft’s history. 
June 2011  Specific Media buys  Myspace for $35 million 
April 2012  Facebook acquires Instagram for $1 billion 
October 2012   Disney Corp. buys Lucasfilm for $4.05 billion   
June 2013  Google buys  for $1 million

So what does this timeline mean?

Peter Price, President of the National Academy of Television Arts and Science Foundation, discusses the implications of the integration trends within the media industry: http://www.levininstitute.org/media2020.cfm.

Martin Kon, Head of Media Practice at Oliver Wyman, examines new models in the media industry.


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