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Unit on Women and Globalization

Despite continuing United Nations and state government efforts to the contrary, women in many parts of the world remain disadvantaged when compared with their male counterparts. This phenomenon is truly global in nature, spanning nearly all the continents, the areas of life and levels of society. In this unit, students will learn how globalization has helped lessen this phenomenon as well as in what additional ways globalization can be used to combat it. Students will prepare power point presentations about how one country is addressing these issues. Students will learn about the role of international and national policy in addressing the inequality of women.

Unit on Women and Globalization: An Interactive Blogging Unit

In this unit students will write reflective analytical entries that explores selected topics from
www.globalization101.org in light of the plight of African American women on the class blog.  There are at the very least broad links (and sometimes specific connections) between contemporary issues that women face around the world and those which African American women encountered from their early beginnings in America to the twentieth century.  As students locate and assess these connections, parallels and differences, the class blog will serve as the springboard for class discussions and activities.